Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Car Envy and Valentine's Day

It's been a fun couples weeks.

Two weekends ago was Cam's Amway holiday party (they like to do it later in the season when it's not so busy). That was a lot of fun; they rented out the whole Van Andel Public Museum downtown GR. There was a bunch of food and beverage stations set up throughout the building. We got to ride the carousel for free, got a professional picture taken, and watched a lazer light show.

My mom was gone visiting my grandparents in Florida so I called home to see what the boys were up to this weekend. We ended up going to the International Auto Show at DeVos place with them on Saturday. I've had my heart set on a Mazda 3 hatchback for a while. But I've officially been won over to a Mini Cooper extended Clubman in either red or metallic chocolate brown, ahhhh....

That Sunday we went to the Hurds to watch the Superbowl. I brought some delicious nachos that were heartily scarfed down.

Last week at work was exciting as I applied for and interviewed for a permanent content editor position with Booking. I'll find out by the end of the week if I got it or not - I'm so nervous! I would really love this job. I'm a temp now and I like what I do, but it's not very challenging and extremely repetitive. And the vacation and benefits would be a huge plus too.

This past weekend we laid low for the most part. I wasn't really feeling into going out to crazy busy restaurants for Valentine's Day. Friday night we went to my parents' house to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. We left when the guy reading poetry came on - seriously? poetry at the Olympics ceremonies?

Saturday night we celebrated Valentine's Day at home. Cam had to work all day, but he was able to come home and make a delicious Fucilli with Zuccini and Lemon. I made lava cakes with white chocolate and raspberry sauces. Combined with some Asti Tosti and the movie Love Happens, it was a very nice, relaxing weekend. I found it much more enjoyable than going out to a crazy busy restaurant. And I was pleasantly surprised by the meal Cam made.


  1. is that a giada de laurentiis recipe? looks fantastic :)

    i cannot wait to see you on saturday!! yay!

  2. I don't think so, just some Italian cookbook.

    I'm excited to see you too, we'll call you on the way, perhaps if we get there early we can get some coffee before the shower.