Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ah, what a nice weekend.
New Year's Eve I only worked until 2. I then got my hair cut and colored in Holland (the lowlights all faded away already though so I'm kind of bummed. I might have to get them redone this week.)

That night we went downtown with Cam's brother Duncan and his wife Kristina. First Cam and I stopped by Amway Grand to get a couple drinks and spend some of my "Amway money". It was fun to see all my old friends and co-workers and fun to sit in the lobby bar on the other side of things and people watch all the dressed up people heading out to their parties for the night. After that we met up at the BOB for their progressive dinner. We started at Bobarino's and also stopped at the Monkey Bar. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves we went up to the Top of the Bob where a live band was performing. We hung out there for most of the remaining evening. Got Cam out on the dance floor for a few songs and Duncan for one. Cam and I went up one more floor to Eve to check that out for a little bit.

After ringing in the New Year and saying goodbye to Duncan and Kristina (who had to plow later) we stopped by Rosa Parks Circle for a while. They were still playing music and everyone was dancing and having a great time. And then began the long, cold walk back to the car. It was a very fun night.

The next day we went to the Hurds for their Christmas get-together with the cousins. There were several of us there who were rather tired and sluggish looking. But always fun to see everyone and of course play games. Cam's cousins are very competitive people (they were still joking about how I got a little, shall we say "frustrated", at all the cheating going on at Thanksgiving when we were playing girls against guys fast Uno). The guys always cheat, and that was again the case Friday during Spoons, which I somehow got roped into playing partway through.

Saturday Cam and I cleaned, put away the Christmas decorations, and did some returns. We again attempted an exchange at Best Buy, but still they are out of the Guitar Hero package, as well as any other location and online. So we won't be getting our Guitar Hero for a while :(

Today Cam and I went to the Public Museum downtown. Amway Global employees got in for free until today, so we decided to check out their special exhibits going on. Grossly underestimated how many families and children would be there today, but it was still fun.

It's back to the grind tomorrow. It's a different thing for me to actually have a consistent schedule. All weekend I kept thinking that the next day was Monday and of all the things I had to do before then. So hope everyone else has a great start to the year!

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