Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Activities

Friday night my mom sang in a big production at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland called "Noel". Whintly Phipps, a very famous singer, was the featured performer for the event and my mom sang in a quartet of women with him on several songs. Look up his performance of Amazing Grace performed for the Obamas on YouTube.

Afterward the whole family went to Fricano's for some delicious pizza. Everyone must have been at Christmas parties, because the place was nearly empty. I have never gone there without having to wait a good half hour or more for a table, and then nearly an hour for the pizza. Always worth it, but it was so nice to get right in, because it was 8:30 and we were hungry.

Saturday I got my nails done in the morning. I've never had acrylics before, so this post is taking longer to type than normal as I'm still getting used to them. But I love how they look. I've wanted to for a while, and now that I have a job that actually pays decently more than minimum wage I figure why not? I have them painted a deep sparkly red for Christmas.

Saturday night Cam and I went out with our good friends Anna and Mike. We met up at JD Reardons for a delicious dinner despite the fact that they forgot to put chicken in Anna's Asian dish and put mushrooms in my pasta even though I asked them not to. Oh well. After that we went downtown to the civic theatre for a performance of Cinderella. It was a very good performance. It was extremely reminicent of the 1965 version of Cinderella that my my parents had on VHS which I watched countless times. Even her dress that she wore to the ball was a near replica of the one in this version of Cinderella. I found myself wanting to sing along to all the songs I used to know by heart. Cam did catch me humming the song "Impossible" in the car on the way home. I want to buy the movie on Amazon now, but apparently it's a collectible item and really expensive.

Oh dear, Cam just called me from at a bachelor party at Firekeeper's Casino in Battle Creek. He wanted to know if he should keep going in blackjack. He had started with $20 and is currently at $60. I told him I wasn't making that decision for him. (I think he was a little buzzed, apparently he "shotgunned" a beer). Whatever that means, something about cutting a hole or something in the bottom and drinking the whole thing in like 10 seconds; I didn't really get it. Cameron buzzed=even more silly than normal. He'll be back around 1; I'll be sleeping.

Looking forward to Christmas. I only work until 2 on Christmas Eve and we'll be going to the Hurds that night. Christmas will be with my family. I haven't finalized when Cam and I will open our presents to each other. I'm leaning toward Christmas Eve after Cam's family so we can relax and make it a romantic evening over a bottle of hard cider we've been saving.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, family-filled, busy, crazy Christmas while somehow finding time for the quiet, peaceful moments!

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  1. That was my favorite version of Cinderella too! I had it on VHS tape too. I had no idea it was a collectible. I'll be on a hunt for the DVD for sure. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Merry Christmas.